Pothole Reporting through PennDOT

Report Potholes on State Roadways
Posted on 02/27/2024
Report PotholesOh, the joys of winter weather: freezing, thawing, freezing again, salt, sand, plowing....all these things contribute to potholes on both State Highways and on local roads. And when springtime comes, these potholes often start to appear everywhere.

If you happen to see one, please report it. If it is on a more heavily traveled State Road, such as Route 113 or Route 63, please report it to the State at the link below. If it is on one of the local Township Roadways, please give us a call (215-256-8087) or report online using the Resident Request Portal. Both websites are linked below:

PennDOT Pothole Reporting

Resident Request Portal - Township owned Roads