355 Maple Avenue

Correction to Proposed Zoning Map Amendment
Posted on 03/05/2021

Please be advised:

Upon researching a legal description of the proposed C-to-AO rezoning on the Nationwide tract at 355 Maple Avenue, it was found that this piece was rezoned AO in 1999.

Recorded documentation indicates that this change of zoning was requested by Harleysville Insurance and recommended for approval by the Montgomery County Planning Commission. The Ordinance reflecting the change was approved unanimously by those serving on the Township Board of Supervisors at that time.

Upon further research by the Township Staff, it appears that at some point between 2003 and 2006, the Township Engineer’s Office, at the time, overlooked the change on the corner portion of the property to the Township zoning map and the zoning designation showed C.

We reviewed the file for this change, and both the VC portion and R5 portion are correct. The Zoning Map has been corrected and has been changed on the website (It is also linked below).

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the Township Office.

The Zoning Map is linked below:

ZONING MAP - 03-05-2021