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The Public Works Crew replaced a failing storm drainage pipe underneath Kulp Road on June 27, 2017.
Kulp road repair            Kulp Road Repair
2016 Road Paving Projects

The Township Public Works Crew work on paving Store Road.
Paving along Store Road            Paving along Store Road
2016: Gazebo at the Township Municipal Offices
Construction of the Gazebo             Construction of the Gazebo
The Township Public Works crew installed a gazebo directly across from the Township Municipal Offices at 379 Main Street in 2016.
Gazebo completed

Placing roof on Gazebo


In 2015, the Lower Salford Public Works Department completed paving the trail connection in our township open space along Moyer Road connecting the existing trail along Hammersmyth Farms and the new Landis Road Trail with the Farmview Drive trail.
Trail Paving
Trail Paving
Trail Paving

Township Open Space ConstructionIn the Fall of 2009, members of the Public Works Department worked on connecting two existing trails through Township Open Space. The trails connected were Cutleaf Circle and Belle Lane. In October, the bridge abutments were formed, and in November, the bridge was installed. In the picture to the left, the bridge is being lowered into place by the crane and below, crew members guide the bridge into place.  
                                                    Township Open Space construction

Charles L. Reed Memorial Park
Charles L Reed Memorial Park In the Spring of 2006, the Public Works Department worked at Reed Memorial Park to install both running water and electric service to the pavilion and install water fountains at both athletic fields. Various trail connections were constructed in the park, including a trail for handicap access from the parking lot to the baseball fields. Steps from the parking lot to the baseball field, security lighting and the overlay of the parking lot were also included in the work. All the finishing touches at Reed Park are being funded by $70,000 of grant money from DCNR and $5,000 of grant money from DCED. The Township thanks State Representative John W. Fichter and Senator Rob Wonderling for their efforts in obtaining these grants.

Gruber Road Soccer Field

The Public Works Department constructed a small parking lot to service the soccer field at the corner of Kulp and Gruber Roads in the Spring of 2006.


Hunsberger Lane and Main StreetIn 2004, the Public Works Department improved the culvert at the intersection of Hunsberger Lane and Main Street. A pipe was extended at the road crossing and walls were poured to direct the flow of water. Gabion walls were also installed as an anti-erosion device. Riparian buffer plantings were installed in the fall of that year.

Bergey HillConveyance piping was laid in the spring of 2004 on Bergey Hill to transport water from the irrigation pond at the base of the hill to the golf course.

Alderfer PlaygroundIn the spring of 2005, the Public Works Department did the site work for the new playground and pavilion at Alderfer Park. A DCNR grant was utilized for these improvements.

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