Park Sponsor Program

Park Bench       Oak Tree

The community now has a way to remember and honor those who are special to us, under the Lower Salford Park Board Sponsor Program. This Program allows the purchase of a tree(s) and/or a 6' park bench to be installed, and maintained by the Lower Salford Township. Included in the program is a 3" x 5" marker that will be prominently displayed with the tree(s) and/or bench(es). The tree/bench will be installed at the park where it is needed most, unless a specific park location is requested.

This program is open to all members of the community, community groups, and businesses.

  • Species vary. Please indicate if there is a specific tree you would prefer. Depending on location desired, depends on the type of tree that will be planted. The Township will maintain the tree and reserves the right to plant a tree that will thrive in its location. 
  • A 3" x 5" tree marker will be installed on the tree
  • 6' Town Park Bench with black cast ends and cedar tone recycled slats. A sample is displayed at the Township Building.
  • 6' Rural Bench with cedar tone recycled slats and tubular frame work.