Story Walk is Here!

Story Walk in Alderfer Park
Posted on 11/14/2022
StoryWalkWithin the next few weeks, Alderfer Park will be the new home of a Story Walk. What is a Story Walk? Well, it is a series of 20 free-standing frames that each have a single page of a story. As one page is read, you move to the next until you get to the final frame and ending of the story. This new interactive feature in Alderfer Park will start at the corner of the playground equipment area and progress along the trail. Stories are usually kept for approximately 3-4 months when a new story is provided.

Stories are geared towards elementary aged children. This wonderful new addition to the Park is brought to us by the Indian Valley Public Library who used grant funds to supply the Story Walk. Many, many thanks to the Indian Valley Public Library for choosing Lower Salford's Alderfer Park for this new feature!

Story Walk Information