Township Flag & Logo

Township FlagIn 1991, John H. Drenning, president of the Heckler Plains Folklife Society, designed the Lower Salford Township flag, along with the help of many interested individuals and local artist Paula Slemmer, in celebration of the Township's 250th Anniversary. The three curved stripes, representing the brown earth, green plants and trees, and the golden crops, along with proper rainfall and warm sunshine, created a bountiful harvest, securing the survival of the early settlers. The blue endless sky covers the rest of the flag. The logo depicts an early Pennsylvania Dutch farmer sharpening the blade of his scythe as he takes a rest from cutting wheat. His wife is behind him, carrying two oaken buckets of water to refresh the workers in the field. The logo was in keeping with the objective of the 250th Anniversary celebration to honor and commemorate the common people of the township's past, present and future. Above the logo is the Pennsylvania Dutch word "Gemeinschaft," meaning a "sense of community" or, more literally, a feeling within a congregation. Standing to the right and left are cedar trees, indigenous to this area. Cedar was preferred by the early woodworkers in the construction of chests and closets. Also, in the Bible, cedar is used as a symbol of splendor, glory and strength. The four stars represent the villages within our township: Harleysville, Lederach, Mainland and Vernfield.