Spotted Lanternfly Information

Spotted Lanternfly Information
Posted on 04/12/2023
Spotted LanternflyAs Spring begins to sprout in the Township and its surrounding municipalities, now is the time to remove any Spotted Lanternfly eggs from your trees. As the weather warms, the nymphs will hatch April through May and they will start to feed on several species of trees. These nymphs reach adulthood in July and the cycle begins all over again of laying eggs that winter over and hatch in the springtime. For information on what you can do now to help stop this pest, please access the links below to educate yourself on this species. Keep in mind that there is no magic bullet for this invasive species. Below is the latest on the fight against the Spotted Lanternfly.

What to Look For - Homeowners Guide

Link to SLF Traps

PSU Extension Spotted Lantern Fly Information Link

Montgomery County Conservation District link