Please Do Not Feed the Wildlife

Please Resist Feeding Wild Animals
Posted on 03/06/2024
Do Not FeedMany are familiar with Dan Roth Park in the Township. This area has come to be known as "the duck pond" as there are many ducks and geese that call this pond their home. For years the Township has asked that visitors to the park not feed the ducks, geese or other wildlife. We know it is hard to resist, but feeding the wildlife food, specifically the waterfowl, causes them to become dependent on humans. 

When wild animals become dependent on humans for their food, several things will happen:
  • They will become sick due to poor nutrition from eating unnatural foods their bodies can't process
  • They stop foraging for food causing imbalances in the ecosystem in and around the pond
  • They become aggressive to humans and other wildlife as they fight for the food
  • While fighting for the food they may bite, peck, scratch or charge at park visitors or other waterfowl, which may cause injuries
  • More wildlife will gather hoping to be fed causing overcrowding, which causes more fighting as well as imbalances in the health of the pond and the areas around the pond
For these concerns and more, we ask that you please do not feed the wildlife, even if it is a feed designed for them, as these feeds are for animals in captivity, not in the wild. 

If you would like to learn more about the dangers of feeding wildlife, please click the links below. The Township remains committed to the health and safety of our residents and visitors.

Pennsylvania Game Commission "Please Don't Feed"