Agricultural Security Program

Agricultural Security Area

The Board of Supervisors in 1992 adopted Resolution No. 92-12 creating a joint Agricultural Security Area with the Townships of Skippack and Towamencin. The acreage in Lower Salford’s Agricultural Security Area has grown from 405 acres to approximately 949 acres in 2018. The benefits to landowners in an ASA are as follows.
  • Local governments are not to enact ordinances that would unreasonably restrict normal farming practices or structures.
  • Local governments shall not define as a public nuisance normal farming practices.
  • Eminent domain protection (added levels of review)
  • Hazardous waste and low-level radioactive waste sites are not to be located on land in an ASA.
  • Farmlands in ASA’s are eligible for agricultural easement programs.
  • State funded development projects that might affect ASA’s are to be reviewed.
To apply for ASA designation, contact Assistant to the Township Manager Holly Hosterman at 215-256-8087. For information on the Farmland Preservation Program, contact Anne Leavitt-Gruberger, Montgomery County Farmland Preservation Administrator at 610-278-3727 or click here to visit the Montgomery County Farmland Preservation website.

                                                     OPEN SPACE LAND MAP 2019

Lower Salford Township’s Agricultural Security Area 
Advisory Committee (ASAAC)

Holly B. Hosterman, Secretary, Joseph S. Czajkowski, Barry Swartz, Brent Allebach, Mary L. West and Chris Canavan

 For more information on the ASAAC, please contact Holly Hosterman at the Township Office: 215-256-8087

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