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Local Construction Updates
Posted on 11/21/2022

Alderfer Park Entrance Relocation:

Beginning November 28th, the entrance to Alderfer Park will be closed to align it with Huckleberry Lane. This new entrance will eliminate the existing entrance off of Oak Drive and combine it with the entrance to the new subdivision on Oak Drive to create a safer entrance/exit for both sites. Weather depending, this new entrance should take 3-4 days. During this time the entrance to the Park will be closed for the safety of all involved. However, the park will still be open to foot traffic. Thank you to everyone involved for your patience.

Sturgis Road Update:

A portion of Sturgis Road collapsed during Tropical Storm Ida due to a failing pipe under the road, and has been closed since the failure. The Public Works Department will be backfilling the roadway to get the road open before the end of October 2021. Permanent repairs will be completed in the Spring of 2022. Thank you to everyone for your patience during this closure.

Due to structural failures caused by major storms over recent years, this bridge was permanently closed by the County on June 17, 2021. Emergency and Transportation services have been notified and a detour is in place. For more information on this bridge, please contact the Montgomery County Office of Roads and Bridges at: 610-278-3613.

UPDATE: Mainland Pointe Development:  
Please be advised that as this development completes its site improvements, there may be traffic delays both East and West bound on Sumneytown Pike in the 100 block (near the IT Landes property). 

Bergey's Mill Road Bridge
In February 2022, the Township received word from the County that the start of this bridge replacement has been delayed until 2023. This is a County-owned structure. As details are provided, we will update you on this page.