Trail Map

Trail Map
Posted on 04/10/2023
Trail MapThe Township Supervisors are continually looking for new ways to link existing trails with new ones. The map(s) below show the system as it is at a moment in time. If you notice anything that is conflicting while you are out and about, please let the Township know by using the Resident Request Portal linked here: RRP LINK

TRAIL MAP (Overview Map)
(For larger scale, please use the Quadrant links below)
Quadrant A
Quadrant B
Quadrant C
Quadrant D

NOTE: This plan is a "work in progress", and is intended to show the existing, proposed and future trail and sidewalk connections throughout the Township.

Construction of future trails and sidewalks is dependent on available resources; no set timeline has been established.

Please provide public comment to: the Township at:
[email protected]