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"American Glory" Quilt

Adorning a wall in the main meeting room of the municipal building is a large appliqué quilt donated anonymously by a local farmer. The pattern, American Glory, was chosen in honor of the early settlers in our area, Pennsylvania Dutch farmers.

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In an effort to preserve this rich heritage, the Board of Supervisors appointed an Agricultural Security Area Advisory Committee. The committee meets on an 'as needed' basis to consider applications for inclusion in the Agricultural Security District. Along with the Township Planning Commission, the ASAAC submits its recommendations concerning such applications to the Board of Supervisors. This program was created in 1992 in accordance with the Pennsylvania Agricultural Security Area Law (Act 43 of 1981, as amended). It includes provisions to allow farmers to continue working in growing suburban areas protecting them from such complaints as seasonal farming smells and the noise from farm equipment operating in the early morning hours. To learn more about the Agriculural Security Areas in our Township, please contact Assistant Township Manager Mary West at: 215-256-8087.

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