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Metropolitan Development Conditional Use Applications
Posted on 09/07/2018
At the November 7, 2018 Regular Meeting of the Board of Supervisors, the Rezoning Application filed by developer Metropolitan Development Group (MDG) to rezone a parcel at 448 Maple Avenue from R-3 Residential to R-4 Residential and another parcel on Oak Drive from OLC (Office Limited Commercial) to R-5 Residential, was denied. 

In the days following this meeting, MDG  submitted Conditional Use Applications for both parcels. The Developer proposes to use the Maple Ave. parcel as "Office, Day-Care, Personal Care Facility and Institutional Group Living Quarters" and the Oak Drive parcel is proposed use to "Institutional Group Living Quarters, Day-Care Center and Car Wash". These applications, along with the proposed plans are attached below.

If you would like to view any and/or all of the documents that correspond with this Conditional Use application, or if you have questions, please contact the Township Office at: 215-256-8087. Thank you. 

Oak Drive Conditional Use Application
Oak Drive Rendering

Maple Avenue Conditional Use Application
Maple Avenue Rendering